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Sally Dean
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Fun Notes

Sally was the 1st character I designed for the comic back in 1995 or 96.
In my earliest comics back in school her personality wasn't much different than Fenny's. But over the course of 27 comics that I made in school her personality shifted more and more to the innocent character you know today.

Sally was developed over time to be THE Mary Sue of the comic.
After finding the Mary Sue tests online I tweaked her and her story even more so she would fill the role. Just because I want to do some interesting things with the character later and hopefully make a Mary Sue much less Mary Sue-ish

Her design was heavily inspired from Patty off an anime called Gall Force. Her design has changed the most over the years.

The cat on her arm here is just plushy btw :p

your character sheets are really cool. your art is good as well. I like that this character is defined as Christian. Very bold move.

Religion is a pretty common thing so it's odd not to touch on it IMO.

As more characters come in a few will have other religious beliefs. Or be atheist. It adds more layers =D
Religion is a pretty common thing. Seems most people have some sort of belief lol.