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Power Grand
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Power Grand is my favorite bad alien. Even more than MPG. I just love this guy and his overpowered abilty.
I was really leery abut giving him a power this potent. Luckily Cutter Grand had the perfect power to take him on. No need for energy attacks when you can move things with your mind! Including moving energy around.

Power Grand's design was heavily inspired by the aliens from "Aliens" and some arachnid for good measure. Probably some Guyver too. Everyone says he looks like a Zoanoid from there. And I did like Guyver as a kid so it's possible that without knowing features from Guyver fell into the grands.

Though more Mega Man fell into them IMO, especially the Cyro Grand armor designs.

I see why he is your favorite, I like this concept, and the art for this one a lot. Love the letters and glowing effects you have going on. What are you using to color your comics?
I use Photo Shop CS5 now. At this time I used CS2.

I use a combination of airbrushes and outer glow effects.
Very nice, I am transitioning from Photoshop cs5 to manga studio 5. You chose your tools well.